Sunday, January 29, 2012

Night with the Knicks

Hey Glamazons!!!!  Hope your week fabulous!!! I have been extremely busy wedding planning and gearing up for nyc this week with the girls so ive neglected you guys a bit! BUT IM BAACK!! so here goes sat night i went to the Houston Rockets vs New York Knicks  game and i really dont watch sports but i love anything New York so i was all in.  Needless to say i had to be glamed up so my OOTD consisted of my new fav top from Nasty Gal its completely sheer, I was in the mood for 90's grudge so i paired it with my off black denim from Torrid which i cuffed at the bottom and my Jessica Simpson Beckery which are now on sale found here
Now on to the makeup as usual i had on two pair of lashes but.. on my lips is your preview of the new VIVA GLAM NICKI which launches feb 16th.  Its ah mazing!!! Leave me your thoughts XOXO!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Denim and Neon

Hey Glamazons!!! Hope your weekend was fab!!! I went to go see redtails this weekend which was amazing especially because the weather in Houston has been amazing this weekend!! Im so ready for the spring. So lets jump right into it.  I was so excited when i saw this denim open dress at Forever 21 which is very sheer so i paired my black shorts seen here to wear underneath. Now to the most important detail THE SHOES!! I am beyond obsessed with these Jeffery Campbell neon pink's  they are brighter than you can imagine and an added bonus they are suuper comfy!!! I kept the jewelry minimal and with my makeup i wore not one but two pair of lashes lol!!! Leave me your thoughts!! XOXO

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lazy Blues

Hey Glamazons!!! I know ive been away to long, Ive been super busy lately so heres a quick post for you guys!! I didnt have much time so i snapped a few pics, but dont worry i have sooo many outfit posts coming for you guys!!! So keep checking!!! SO, on to the outfit.  I was in a rush so i threw together something super quick, so i put grabbed my bar III blazer which i love and my forever 21 jeggins and my sheer gray tank and paired it with my tribal necklace from claires, i kept this outfit with mostly earthy tones because i paired it with my steve madden snake print heels which i havent worn in forever!! Hope you enjoy!!! Leave me your thoughts!!! xoxo!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mini Heels and Flair

Hey Glamazons!!! So heres a quick mid week post for you guys!! I hope you guys are having a fabulous week so far!!! So heres a few pics from an ootd i was in a rush so i didnt get many apology's.  I had just left from getting a shot so i wasnt in the best of moods but i still managed to get something which is better than nothing lol.  So lets jump into the outfit...I have been looking for a polka dot tank for a while and i found one happily at forever 21 which i paired with a vintage skirt i thrifted which i love because of the colors and the vibrancy of the skirt.  I felt very 40's ish in this outfit so its only right i paired it with short heels which are madden girl by steve madden and bright bold lip which so i popped on a orange/red from MAC's brand new Iris Apfel collection called Scarlet Ibis.  Hope you love!!! Leave me your thoughts xoxo!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diary of a Fatshionista Feature!!!!

Fatshionista Files: Noel

Hey Glamazons!!! Recently i was featured the fabulous Mia's Blog!!! Mia is another plus size blogger and shes amazing!!! Check out the feature below!! 

This month’s Fatshionista Files features Noel, a blonde bombshell hailing from Houston. She caught my eye on Twitter and I immediately fell in love with her bold, glamorous, and risk-taking style. This 24-year-old curvy cutie works for MAC, so she knows a few things about a beat face. I love Noel’s fearless fashion and fierce shoe game.
Check out Mia's Blog here

Describe your personal style.
I would say my personal style is edgy-glam! I'm not afraid of fashion, but I know what works for me. I always say if Carrie Bradshaw and Rihanna had a baby it would be me!  

Where do you shop?
The question is where don't I shop. Some of my favs are ASOS, Forever 21, Macy's, I could go on for days.  

What does being a fatshionista mean to you?
Being a fatshionista means having even more of a reason to make sure I'm fabulous every time I step out because it's not expected for plus size girls to be fashionable!

What's your advice to plus-size girls?
Know your body. If you like it don’t be concerned about what everyone else will think about you and your clothing, if you like it and it’s suitable for your body and your curves don't be afraid!  

Where do you draw fashion inspiration?
I draw my fashion inspiration from different aspects of my life, my moods, the season or my surroundings! I learned fashion very early as a little girl from my mother. I can sit and think in my mind about an outfit and it would be something no one would understand. As a makeup artist my mind is always thinking of something new and different.

What's your best beauty secret?
Highlighting and bronzing. Every girl could stand to have a lift in the cheekbones and a good contour always does the trick and makes the face look slimmer.

What do you feel the most sexiest in?
Six inch heels. It’s just something about them!  

What's your favorite piece in your wardrobe?
That’s such a difficult question because I try not to show favoritism.  

Trend you absolutely love this winter?
One trend I love this season is bold bright colors incorporated into fall. I love this trend because when you think of fall you typically think of dark hues, but this season pops of color have been incorporated into this seasons trends and I love it! It’s nice to see something different!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stars and Glitter

Hey Glamazons!!! This week i celebrated my fiance's birthday so of course i had to be uber fab!!! Ive been waiting to wear this dress that i bought myself for christmas along with my new fav pair of shoes so lets get right to it!!! My outfit consisted of this dress found here which im absolutely in love with and i will be wearing again!!! And with it being a special occasion like my babes 28th birthday i had to pull out my Viktoree's found here I kept my jewelry very minimal because on very statemented shoes lol so therefore just a simple gold cuff,large hoops, and a simple love around the neckline!!! Leave me your thoughts xoxo!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Eve Glamour

Hey Glamazons!!! Its 2012!!! Are you as excited as i am?? Well i just wanna be the first to say thank you to all of my followers i really appreciate you!!! 2011 was a great year for me i had so many blessings come my way!!! There's only so many ways a girl could say thank you for all of your support so therefore once again THANKS!!!!! So how did you spend you nye i spent mine with my fiance and best friend and had a blast!!! In that time i managed to snap a few pics for you guys.. So here's the outfit breakdown.. I was in love with this dress from the moment i laid eyes on it from I paired the dress with one of my fav shoes of the moment right now  those 6 inch platforms are beyond comfy..I was rocking not one but two pairs of lashes that night and kept the eyes really simple and played up my lip with such a flare again from my beloved MAC.  How did you spend your nye? Send me your thoughts!!! XOXO