About Me

Hey girl welcome to my world! This a safe space! This a place for you to pull up a chair get your coffee or wine and relax. We love moms here! So enjoy our journey into the cutest mommy and me outfits and gain some inspiration  I  embrace my curves and thrive on styling women with curves and showing them that they can also be fashionable.  Noel has been a lover of fashion since she came out of the womb. Fashion is what gives her thrill and mixing different prints and not going along with the norm is what she loves as well as stepping out side of the box. In 2014 Noel found out she was expecting a babygirl and shortly after she lost her daughter due to going into premature labor at 23 weeks from an Incompetent Cervix. God saw it to see fit that my journey into motherhood was not far from over so in 2016  welcomed the love of my life and showed me nothing is impossible.  Never be afraid to share your story! From that moment on Noel has vowed to follow her calling as a beauty and fashion blogger and to uplift women. Today I am a owner of a thriving shoe store, mother to a beautiful babygirl and wife to the love of my life!  So cheers girl and remember...  Beauty is within the eye of the beholder and we should all embrace it no matter what size you are!!! Lets get pretty!!!


  1. Big fan! continue to do your thing! you look amazing! freddytdouglas@outlook.com

  2. I love this!! I am in Singapore now and completely love ur style! xx