Friday, December 30, 2011

Mustard and Fringes

Hey Glamazons!!! So as i was getting prepared for the new year i came across from and i was immediately obsessed!!! I have alot of plans for this jacket so be prepared to see it again lol!!! It's a suede material with yellow fringes hanging off of the sleeves!! For this particular outfit i decided to let the jacket be the piece that stands out so i kept it simple with all black leggings paired with an all black tank!! With my shoes i thought for this look to pair it with my gold and black platform boots from I absolutely love this jacket!!!  You guys will def be seeing it again i already have something in mind lol!!! Leave me your thoughts XOXO!!!

Stylish Curves of the Year


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Today is the last of our voting series for 2011. We are ending withthe best Stylish Curves of the day feature. Throughout 2011 we proudly received a number of fab curvy girls submitting their looks to be featured as Stylish Curves of the day. I do this feature so you can see how other girls are
embracing their curves.
We have gone through the archives of 2011 and found 6 girls who's styles you gushed about and even wanted some of them to start their own blogs.

Let's check them out:
From Facebook to Twitter, you guys left comments making it loud and clear how much you loved Linda's style. Linda could've been dubbed a plus size Kardashian with her long sleeve body con dresses and dark long tresses. Her leopard print number sent all of you over the top for her style.

You can checkout Linda's blog at

Inez style is classic mixed with trends. Inez showed you how she worked her curves in everything from a denim sweetheart dress to a printed full mini skirt. Readers adored Inez's realistic chic style and immediately raced to checkout her blog.

You can checkout Inez's blog at

Noel's style was funky, fierce, and sexy. Everyone loved how she showed off her shapely hips, her love for animal prints, and you all were pretty impressed with her shoe game.

You can checkout Noel's blog at

Tiffany's love for colorful printed dresses had y'all asking if she had her own blog. You loved everything about her from her hair and makeup to her shoes.

When it came to Melissa, everyone fell for her classic and simple 1950's style. From chic colored blazers to flared dresses everyone was asking if she had a blog. Due to your raves, Melissa went ahead and started one.

Melissa's blog:

Readers liked Ebony's love for dashing dresses with bold prints. You raved about her statuesque body and curly hair.

Who was your favorite Stylish Curves of the day feature?
Hey Glamazons!!! I was beyond excited when i found out that i was nominated for stylish curves of the year!!! What did you think about these fab ladies and they curvy ways? Remember to head over to   and vote!!!! XOXO

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Stripes

Hey Glamazons!!! Hope your holidays were fab!!! I have alot of new post's up my sleeve so get ready!! I know this has been a popular dress among us but i just wanted to throw my twist on it!!! I paired this dress with my black bomber jacket along with my sling back booties from aldo.  I wanted to make this dress very rocker ish so i paired it with these two because firstly the detail on the shoes, they have silver and gold studs along the bottom of the shoes which i adore.  I am obsessed with this dress alot of curvy girls are afraid of wearing horizontal lines but embrace them dont stray from them!! I first saw this dress on  and fell in love so i hunted it down.  Hope you enjoy dolls keep posted i have major posts coming up this week XOXO!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuxedo nights

Hey Glamazons!!! So in gearing up for the fall ive been inspired lately by patterns especially on tights and 6 inch heels which of whom i adore the most!! So for the ootn i decided to pair my metallic shorts and my black and white blazer and put those together with some red lips just in time for the holidays!!! This evening i attended the Glam Shop event in houston along with my best friend who was inspired by leopard print in her ootn!!! I love these shoes they are beyond comfy so therefore i thought i would rock them the right way!!! I had more outfit pics for you guys but the got deleted off of my camera somehow :(!! Hope you love anyway!! Leave me your thoughts xoxo!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Hey Glamazons!!! Im so sorry i haven't blogged as much as i should lately ive been super busy!! SO the holidays are here are you excited?!? Well here's a couple of items on my wishlist lately..Firstly i haven't posted as many outfit posts as i should lately because i need a new camera the one im in love with happens to be this beautiful Nikon J1 pink camera which retails at 680.00 along with a tripod of course.  Secondly I'm in love with these Jeffery Campbell Palomar star platforms from which retail for 170.00 these are super high just like i like them and would be perfect on my foot.  I am also in love with this cobalt blue jumpsuit from That's not the only shoe I am wishing for I am also wishing for these christian louboutins there are just the right height as well as the pattern on the shoe. Also this dress from is to die for and guess what ladies her line goes all the way up to a size 20.  Her designs are beyond amazing!!! Lastly i am i need of a new planner for the up and coming year so therefore i have fallen in love with this hello kitty planner from ecrater.  My schedule has been hectic so a new planner is going to be a lifesaver.  So there it is my wishlist..what are you guys wishing for this Christmas??? Leave me your thoughts XOXO!!