Monday, November 21, 2011

Beauty Chronicles Q&A

Hey Glamazons!!! Ok so lately ive been receiving tons of emails revolving around beauty and makeup so i decided why not blog about it..if your not aware i am a makeup artist for mac so makeup is my affair to fashion so i included a picture to show how i keep my makeup bc ive been receiving questions of the best way to keep your makeup ive also included some of the recent work that ive done on some clients.  So what i want you guys to do is ask me whatever you want to know about makeup and tips that you would love to learn and i promise i will write back!!! Leave me your thoughts xoxo<3

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Nights

Hey Glamazons!!! So as we know its fall and i def took advantage of the little bit of cold weather we had in Houston sooo here we go!!!  I have been waiting to wear this Material Girl blouse you cant really tell in this picture but the it is actually sheer and i fell in love with this hat as soon as i laid eyes on it.  I hope you guys enjoy this post im a fan of anything sheer and off the shoulder! Give me your thoughts xoxo

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Fashion Bomb Daily

Hey Glamazons!! So yay i was beyond excited to see my feature on one of my favorite fashion blogs 
This is one of my go to blogs on a daily basis.  Now to address the actual feature..I received a lot of love on this feature but i also received alot of shade.  Here are my thoughts on the utterly disgusting comments made about me.  First off the blog is called The Fashion Bomb and it should be just about that.. i understand that style is a personal preference and that is why it is MY style and i dont think everyone would benefit from my style and as a stylist you know that personality is reflected upon someones style.  People were making comments about my size, and the color of my hair and i was like really its sad that we live in a society with such strong hate especially for curvacious women.  As i have stated before i encourage women to feel comfortable in their skin and do not settle to the typical "plus size" fads unless thats what you like, i dont think people are ready to see us as curvacious women step out of their comfort zones and show that we are here and not going anywhere.  Its sad that we have to break down so many barriers of the standard notion that if you are not between sizes 2-8 that your fat its truly sad but that will not stop my show it just pushes me forward!!! I just wanted to give my glamazons a piece of my mind and want to thank you all for being so inspiring to me to keep doing what i love!! Leave me your thoughts and comments xoxo

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feature on Stylish Curves

Hey Glamazons!!! Check out my feature on

I was beyond honored to be featured as stylish curves of the day check out the interview below xoxo!!!


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
We are back again with Stylish Curves of the day. I actually have a few more to post this week. Today, we have Noel kicking off Stylish Curves of the day and here's what she had to say when it comes to embracing her curves:

As you can see i have plenty of options for stylish curves of the day!!! I am obsessed with your website firstly.  Okay so lets get down to business. i am obsessed with all things fashion.  I would say my style is a mixture of glam and vintage combined. I love all things leopard as you may notice.

 I love to play with fashion and to accentuate my curves.  I tend to lean towards pieces that aren't meant for the typical "plus size" girl to wear.  I don't follow the rules but i don't go overboard either.

 I know my body and i know what works for me!!! I am also a makeup artist for mac so i love to mix fashion and makeup and i also love to commit shoe-icide because i am obsessed with shoes.
 I would say my style is a mix between Carrie Bradshaw whom i adore and rihanna.  I do also have a blog all about curvaceous women and how to style themselves based upon their curves and how not to be afraid of what they've been blessed with!!

Thanks Noel. I see you're a girl after my own heart when it comes to leopard print.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real vs Steal

Hey Glamazons!!! So heres my new obsession!!! Steve Madden has done it again with its real vs steal.  This Viktoree Pump is just shy of 6 inch with a 2 inch platform.  The original is the of course famed Christian Louboutin and its the lady daf pump and it retails for $995.00 and the knock off is retailed at $129.00 i have already purchased two pair!!! I am in love with the heel of this shoe!!! which one will you be going to purchase..leave me your thoughts xoxo!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Leopard and Sequins

Hey Glamazons!!! so today i was inspired by menswear and leopard print as usual.  I wanted add my bow-tie in with a little bit of glam!!! So i paired my sheer leopard print blouse with my fun sequin black skirt that i love ever so much and paired it with my plum platforms!!! I absolutely love this outfit so i did minimal jewelry so that the clothing could stand out.  Leave me your feedback and tell me what you think xoxo!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween Glamazons!!!  Sorry its taking so long to blog, sooo for halloween i decided to go against my original costume which was planned for a leopard cat to at the last minute go as twins with my best friend and put my own curvacious twist on Minnie Mouse!!! I put my own makeup twist on Ms.Minnie starting with extra long pink false lashes, and loads of blush and blue Mac Kissable gloss!!!  I also paired the costume with white knee-highs and black mary janes.  My halloween costume was a sucess how was yours?