Monday, December 31, 2012

Tapestry Prints

Hey Glamazons!!!! Sorry its been so long!!! How has the holidays been for you all? Mine were great i spent time with the people i love the most! I have so many post's coming up for you all! Well lets jump right into the outfit! I ordered this dress on cyber monday and it literally took asos over a month to get me my stuff smh that was a first but the wait was so worth it! I absolutely adore this dress! It fits right in with the tapestry trend and it is huge with its built in tulle under the hem I love it! I wore this dress out to dinner with my girl Brittany from I do say we were fab! My dress is from as usual and shoes from Bakers! Again i hope your holidays were fab! What are you excited for in 2013? Im excited to take more risks and never let nay sayers stop anything! Love you all XOXO!!!