Monday, April 30, 2012

Tribal Print

Hey Glamazons!!! Long time no see!!!! I know ive been disappering alot these days im so sorry!!! As you know my wedding is slowly approaching and it will be here in two months so  bare with me.  So lets jump into it!!! This weekend i hung out with family and i wore this midi dress from Asos and paired it with my Steve Madden Babyloon's which are like a deep pink which i was inspired from when i first saw this dress here .  I kept the jewelry pretty lax because the focus is on the dress.  Makeup wise i rocked a hot pink lip and kept it pretty simple.  Leave me your thoughts.  XOXO!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mixed Print

Hey Glamazons!!! Hope your week was fab!!! This week I've been taking care of a lot of wedding planning so in the mist i managed to snap a few outfit pics so here we go!!! I love print, mixed or together and i wanted to wear something fun to go along with my fishtail braid that i was so excited that i did!!!  So i grabbed this maxi skirt from forever 21 along with this tank and tied up the top and made it into a crop top and paired it with Jessica Simpson tookie's from last summer.  I hope you love!!! Leave me your thoughts. XOXO!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Vibes

Hey Glamazons!!! Happy Easter!!! So i hope your holiday was amazing mine sure was it was filled with laughter,joy, family and good food!  So here's what i wore i didn't want to buy into the whole Easter overdressed thing so i wore my sheer tangerine dress from Forever 21 my highwaisted Bar III skirt and my tank from forever 21 and i was feeling howerver very Easter-ish with my favorite blue heels!!! They gave me the Easter feel!!! Hope you love!!! Leave me your thoughts...XOXO