Sunday, September 21, 2014

Birthday Behavior

Today is my favorite day of the year! My birthday!!!! So you know I had to give you all your life real quick lol! 
I felt very clueless with this outfit so I paired my tank dress from Asos with my plaid shirt from Zara. 
Now to the million dollar question.. Where did I get those boots??? I purchased these from forever 21 two years ago but keep a look out for them because they brought them back out last year! 
Leave your questions or comments below! Love you dolls! XO


  1. I need those boots!!! Happy Birythday Gurlie enjoy ur day!!

  2. Well give it! It s your B-day and you can be bad if you want to! I know they can t stand you on these kinds of days....LOL... So what? :)

  3. Fierce!! What are the boots called at forever 21? Over the knee? Thigh?