Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Hey Glamazons!!! Im so sorry i haven't blogged as much as i should lately ive been super busy!! SO the holidays are here are you excited?!? Well here's a couple of items on my wishlist lately..Firstly i haven't posted as many outfit posts as i should lately because i need a new camera the one im in love with happens to be this beautiful Nikon J1 pink camera which retails at 680.00 along with a tripod of course.  Secondly I'm in love with these Jeffery Campbell Palomar star platforms from which retail for 170.00 these are super high just like i like them and would be perfect on my foot.  I am also in love with this cobalt blue jumpsuit from That's not the only shoe I am wishing for I am also wishing for these christian louboutins there are just the right height as well as the pattern on the shoe. Also this dress from is to die for and guess what ladies her line goes all the way up to a size 20.  Her designs are beyond amazing!!! Lastly i am i need of a new planner for the up and coming year so therefore i have fallen in love with this hello kitty planner from ecrater.  My schedule has been hectic so a new planner is going to be a lifesaver.  So there it is my wishlist..what are you guys wishing for this Christmas??? Leave me your thoughts XOXO!!


  1. I Love your list I also Have The louboutin shoes on my wish list but the classic black ones and i was thinking instead of getting that camera for $680 you can get the canon T2i for about $500+ which takes beautiful pics. by the way you are so beautiful and would love to see more of your styles and i am now starting my own blog so im really new to this :) stay sweet and much love hon <3

  2. love your wishlist, almost the same as mines... which fab diva doesn't want a pair of loubs :)
    I love D. Auxillary dresses and so happy she has a plus size line now.
    I adore your style and you are definitely an inspiration girl.