Thursday, May 1, 2014

Simply Chic

Hey Dolls! Happy first day of May! I am obsessed with black even in the spring time.  We are seeing a shift in trends with the new season upon us.
For my date night with my hubby I felt like being chic so I paired my Asos jumpsuit with my cropped jacket found at Forever 21. For even more of a chic look I paired my Steve Madden pumps with the outfit. 
When I posted this picture on Instagram it was so funny that everyone thought I cut my hair when it was just pulled back but maybe something to consider lol.
I hope you all love! Leave me your thoughts! Xo


  1. Cute jacket and your makeup looks gorgeous as always!

  2. Cute....You always give me great ideas,yes for a min I had to do a double take on your hair,even if you do short it still will look great on you.....