Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Vibes

Hey Glamazons!!! Happy Easter!!! So i hope your holiday was amazing mine sure was it was filled with laughter,joy, family and good food!  So here's what i wore i didn't want to buy into the whole Easter overdressed thing so i wore my sheer tangerine dress from Forever 21 my highwaisted Bar III skirt and my tank from forever 21 and i was feeling howerver very Easter-ish with my favorite blue heels!!! They gave me the Easter feel!!! Hope you love!!! Leave me your thoughts...XOXO


  1. loveee it! i love that dress, i never seen it before!!

  2. Love your dress, very pretty colour. Loved that you paired it with those bright shoes. Very cute!

  3. Super cute !! I love how u mix trends like color blocking and strips. Your style is so fun .. u inspire me to start a blog

  4. I found you on Diary of a Fashionista's blog...and I love the blog! Now following :)

    Much love,