Monday, May 7, 2012

Romantic Hues

Hey Glamazons!!!Ive hope things are well!! I was inspired wit all the wedding extravaganza's going on that i was in the mood to channel my romantic and soft side with this post!!! I absolutely love everything about this shirt from Love 21 its so soft and whimsical.  I paired this with my fav jeans from Forever 21 and my blush Steve Madden  Viktoree's that i love so much because they are perfect to wear year round!!! I promise i'm going to get some good scenery in the background soon i've just been beyond busy!!! Leave me your thoughts!!! XOXO


  1. Those jeans are hot!!!! I wish we had a F21 locally so that I could try their jeans on because I have a large butt as well and it's sooo hard ordering online geesh!!

    1. Ur absolutely right. I'm the same way with my jeans. If I order online their to small and then I never send them back. Lol.
      But those jeans look nice on her and she got thick legs as well like me. Wear them jeans girl!!!!