Friday, August 24, 2012

Smashion.Com Interview

Hey Glamazons!!! I wanted to share my recent interview with you dolls from Smashion.Com.  I was approched to do this feature by the editor of Smashion which is a social fashion site found here, it was just published today! Hope you love! XOXO

An Interview with Noel of Le Glam Princess of Curves
Noel of Le Glam Princess of Curves is a fashion glamazon who lives, eats, and sleeps fashion. She is not only a fashion blogger but also is an up and coming plus size fashion designer, wardrobe stylist and a Mac makeup artist. Noel loves to help and inspire women in the industry to be more comfortable with themselves, and to show women that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!
This interview was published on Friday, August 24, 2012.

What do you do when you're not blogging? What is your job?

Noel: When not blogging i am in the designing for my up and coming clothing line.I also a Mac makeup artist and a freelance wardrobe stylist i live breath and eat fashion!!! And everything that comes with it!!!

How would you describe your personal style?

Noel: I would say m style is glam with a bit of edge. I love mixing prints and dressing not for trend but for my body and my style.

Whose style, past or present, influences your style?

Noel: Sarah Jessica Parker in her Carrie Bradshaw days, Rihanna, Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker, June Ambrose and Rachael Zoe.

Where are you from and what are your top three favorite places to shop in your city?

Noel: I currently reside in Houston, TX and some places i like to shop here are local boutiques but majorily i do alot of online shopping. I normally go to places here like H&M, Macys and Nordstrom.

What types of items do you like to save $ on and what do you splurge on?

Noel: I splurge majorily on heels and purses and makeup and Clothing. I like to save on flats and jewelry.

What 5 items do you always have in your purse?

Noel: My planner, Wallet, Lipsticks, Powder, and my phone.

4 things you can't live without:

Noel: Shoes, Makeup, Planner, Clothes, Hair Products.

On the first day of hot weather, you'll find me:

Noel: Inside. I tend to hide from heat lol!

What is your favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday?

Noel: Stay at home with my husband and watch lifetime.

What's the oldest thing you're wearing today? Is there a story behind it?

Noel: I actually wore yesterday a crop tank that ive owned for 10 years ive had it ever since middle school. To be honest im not even sure where i got it from but i always held on to it for some reason.

Best pick-me-up(s):

Noel: Shoe Shopping, I am addicted to shoes so whenever im feeling down i go shoe shopping.

What are some of your passions and hobbies?

Noel: My passion is styling clothes. I love to style clothes for women especially plus size women. Another hobby is designing and doing makeup!! Its very therapeutic. Fashion shows and shopping are thing i enjoy as well. I'm very much a girls girl lol!


  1. Congrats on the interview and I can't wait until your clothing line comes out!!!

  2. Nice interview! Congrats!! How do you live in TX, but hide from the heat? lol!

  3. Congrats on the interview!! I am looking forward to your clothing line!! I know its going to be FAB

  4. Great interview!!! Question: Where did you get that dress?! Adorbs!! =)