Monday, March 18, 2013

Posh Plus Size Fashion Week La

Hey glamazons!!! Hope your weekend was fabulous mine very hectic! So I recently got the opportunity to attend plus size fashion week in L.A which was an amazing experience! I had such a hectic time getting to LA so here's what happened as I get on my flight to la I realize I left my dress that I was planning to wear on the hanger in my closet (aaaaaaahhhhhh) worst thing ever to realize when your on a pane with no way to ca,l anyone no wifi to figure something out last minute so my entire flight I was uneasy bc I had absolutely nothing to wear to an event that started basically when I landed but thank god for H&M which was a mile away from the airport and the fact that I did remember to bring my heels smh and thank god for my fellow blogger ivory who was there when i needed her (thanks girl)! So here's my outfit everything is from H&M with the exception of my shoes which were Nyla. I am so happy with my last minute outfit also here are so e pictures of my favorite pieces from the event. It is so good to finally see the plus industry get recognition especially from a well put together show! Summer and Jhanae who organized and orchestrated the show did an amazing job. I also ran into the fabulous Chenise Lewis over plus radioMy favorite piece was the gold sequined long sleeve gown from Shonda Style whic will also be debuting on bets Rip the Ru way Wednesday night!! I hope you love excuse the rant! Leave your thoughts XoXo!


  1. Adoro a mistura do amarelo e preto!!!
    Parabéns pelo blog!! Sucesso!!!

  2. You look amazing as usual.. love the yellow blazer! How in the world do I live in LA and didnt even know this event had taken place?? SMH!

  3. love your blazer

  4. nice outfit alltogether. i would like to know the name of the weave/wig of the woman in black dress behind you and the man. thanks