Sunday, April 28, 2013

90's Vibe

Hey glamazons! Bubblegum beepers, jelly clogs, candy cigarettes, beenie babies all the accessories of a 90's kid. I have been on a major 90's vibe lately as the old folx say those were the good ole days! So be prepared to see a lot of 90!s inspiration lately! So let's jump into the outfit! I loved this at first sight I was so happy when I saw it on (where else) and I decided to pair it with my vintage crop top that I've had since middle school and put it with my Zara leopard sandals. I hope you all love this leave me your thoughts!

P.S. I need of outfit ideas for the spring don't hesitate to email me :). XOXO!


  1. to freakin cute...i need my poetic justice braids and jelly sandals lol love this look on you.


  2. So cute!! I seen a romper like that on only thing is my broke butt can't afford nada!

  3. It's cute!

  4. Girl you are disappearing! You look great!

  5. what size are you wearing, seen it online and wanna order.......