Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday month

September is my favorite month of the year!!! It's my birthday month!!! 
Threw on something quick to run errands 
It's fall so it's time to start layering even though its still ultra hot here! 
Leave me your thoughts XOXO!


  1. Very cute and kind of sporty looking. Thats some outfit to run errands in missy! You look amazing!

  2. You look cute!! Love the skirt!

    Happy Birthday Month!!! August was my birthday month and I celebrated right down to the last day :)

  3. Love the look!!! This is my Birthday Month too, that's why I love you!! Happy Early Birthday!!! :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! You give me the courage to go blonde. This outfit is super cute and I can definitely see myself wearing something like this later on!!! Please get a bloglovin so its easier to read your posts and see when you've updated!! I hope you have a fab birthday

    Melanie xox