Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hey Dolls! Happy Sunday!! Excuse the rushed post we were short on time so no scenery today. 
So with all the new clothes I've been buying to fit my new body I felt as though I should make a vow to myself to wear the clothes that I already have and only have worn once. So some of you may be familiar with this skirt but it's a remix!!
I bought this skirt last year from Asos. You can never go wrong with a denim skirt! I wanted to be casual chic so this was perfect! I paired my plaid shirt also worn before in a previous post with this skirt.
Worn with my favorite Steve Madden pumps! Does social media make you not want to wear you clothes more than once? What's your take on it?? Leave me your thoughts! Xo

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  1. no social media doesn't do that but it does make me want to shop. your weight lost is going great. You look hot as usual.